Q: Is this legal?


A: The cities of Portland and South Portland decriminalized the possession and recreational use of marijuana in 2013 and 2014. The Marijuana Legalization Act, to take effect within 40 days of November 8, 2016 permits adults who are not participating in the state’s medical cannabis program, to  possess personal use quantities of cannabis for anyone 21+  while also licensing commercial cannabis production and retail sale Under the law, localities have the authority to regulate, limit, or prohibit the operation of marijuana businesses.


Q: How does this work? 


A: Check out our menu on WeedMaps to find what you would like to get. Have no clue? Give us a shout and dial extension 1 one of our Hempresentatives would be more than happy to guide you through the menu and find what best suits you! 




Q: What is the minimum delivery fee?


A: The minimum delivery fee to Portland and South Portland is $35.00.




Q: What am I paying for?


A: The delivery fee is what you are charged the products are gifted!




Q: How do I place an order? 


A: You can use the online ordering app through weedmaps OR text/call (833) POT - LAND 




Q: How do I order online?


A: To order online you need to make a WeedMaps  account, make sure to confirm your account by email, then order away! 




Q: When is Happy Hour?


A: Happy Hour is every day from 2:00-4:20 PM.




Q: Do I need my state ID?


A: Please send a photo of your ID to ( 833 ) POT - LAND or via email when placing an order, also PLEASE have it ready when the driver arrives! ( If everyone does this it will better opportunities for speedy deliveries throughout busy summer months).




Q: How long does it take to receive a delivery?


A: In-town Portland deliveries wait times are between 30-60 minutes on average. Delivery wait times to South Portland are within 45-60 minutes.




Q: Do I need my medical marijuana card? 


A: To get delivery outside of the Portland and South Portland area you need to send a photo of your medical card.




Q: How do I join the Summit Savings Reward Program I keep hearing about?


A: Just become a member HERE and start hiking up the points on every order! We appreciate the loyalty of our regular patrons and patients, check out the great ways we show it - the current top reward is a Bentley's Best Box & 10 VIP Express Deliveries Valued at over $999!




Q: How do I know when my delivery has arrived?


A: The driver calls you when they arrive, meet them at their car, pay your delivery fee, and you're free to Elevate on private property!