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About Us

Convenient. Local. Quality.

Maine Owned and Operated Since 2017.

Peak was founded when my grandmother was in the later stages of lung cancer. after successfully getting a large brain tumor removed, she did not have it in her to keep up with the traditional cancer approaches. growing up when she did, in a time of Marijuana madness and, mass government propaganda. she was Always against cannabis.  Doctors gave her 2 weeks to live and, in her final days with nothing left to lose she turned to cannabis for relief. She lived for another 2 years with cannabis treatments alone! We all thought both her improvement and change of mind were amazing to see. Due to being in hospice, She purchased through a designated purchaser (My aunt). in turn, she was not getting proper care or meds that suited her needs. we saw a void that needed to be filled in the medical program and vowed to bring her meds with care and without greed. That has been and always will be our mission. To treat every patient as if they were our own family and, show them the kindness and respect they deserve. we understand that we may be present for some of the hardest moments  in people's lives. our goal is to help on the path to finding balance and, comfort in your day to day. We love what we do, we love our patients and we love cannabis! Find your peak is something we truly live by, we are always looking to improve ourselves, our community, and our environment around us. We understand sometimes it takes a different approach and hope we can help you on your own journey to #findyourpeak!

Your Caregiver,


         -Ben Shaw

Peak Maine serves the Greater Portland Area & the Greater Brunswick Area directly and, we now will deliver all over the state with higher minimums. not in our area? Pool some friends or family and order together! the minimum can be split through out many orders going to the same location or within close proximity. 

All patients must have a valid MMJ recommendation and identification!

We accept MOST out-of-state patients with a valid out-of-state medical card and ID. 


Before placing your first order, we ask that you send a picture of your medical card & identification to 

(833)768-5263 or

our drivers will also require verification of medical card and identification upon arrival with first order

Consult with your doctor before first use. Not medical advice just our story, You are your best judge of what is right for you!*

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