Stoner&Co works with its concentrate partners to thoughtfully create a broad array of products that are carefully extracted to produce the best effects for mind and body that represent the unique taste and experience of our lovingly grown flowers.

Expertly extracted by Seaweed Co

Using Cured Flower


About Franken Cakes: Franken Cakes is a rare Indica strain that gives a long-lasting high that relaxes the mind and body. Anyone with racing thoughts that will not slow down will benefit from this bud, it is also helpful in soothing muscle tension and soreness. It has fruitwood notes with undertones of coffee, garden herbs, and fuel. This strain is created through the perfect union of two classic and well-loved Indica strains, GMO x Lava Cake. Grown by Stoner&Co.


About Mule Fuel: This indica-dominant strain from Thug Pug Genetics is a cross between GMO and Mendo Montage (Lurch, F3). Looks amazing and the aroma is diesel/gas with hints of garlic. Smells like a donkey...kicks like one too. Winner of the 2020 High 95 Cannabis Cup, Highest THC Category. Grown by Stoner&Co.

Franken Cakes X Mule Fuel Sugar - Stoner & Co.